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THC Pot Brownies, Pot Cookies, & Cannabis Edibles For Sale

You’ll love the delicious flavor and crunchy texture of these homemade brownie cookies. We strive for only the finest cookies and these are just little bites of heaven. If you cannabis edibles these brownies are the perfect alternative to at least try once!

Weed Cookies are usually made from weed butter but our recipe includes cannabis oil concentrate directly allowing us to measure precisely the THC content in it.

With a precise quantity of THC in milligrams you are able to take only what you need to have the required effects. Since cookies can quickly be split in pieces you are able to choose the best quantity of THC !

10mg for beginners is what we recommend, this is the reason if you should be a new comer to edibles we don’t recommend you to take a full 50mg cookie, you need to split it in 4 at least.

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