Solid THC/CBD Chocolate Bar



Every one of the chocolate products are manufactured with high-quality ingredients including 72% Chocolate from Venezuela and the best cannabis concentrates. You’ll love how they taste – just imagine biting right into a moist brownie dipped in milk chocolate or popping certainly one of our chocolate bar bites into your mouth. The richness will make you wanting more!

It’s don’t assume all day that you’ll have your favourite things in one single package. With chocolate edibles, take pleasure in the taste of sweet deliciousness by having an added high thanks to cannabis!

Chocolate and CBD both have the potential to be therapeutic and healing for the mind and body, and using them together is an ideal pairing. This duo might help you relax and have a much-needed time right out of the daily grind and give you a little lift as you go about your regular schedule. CBD chocolate is absorbed via the digestive tract in the exact same way other CBD edibles are. Whilst not as fast as a sublingual product, it’s believed that the effects may last a little longer.


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